We have over 12 freezers full of the highest quality raw dog food & raw cat food.

Feeding a Raw Diet to your pet is one of the best nutritional upgrades you can make for their health!

And it isn't scary! They will THRIVE on it!

Come in and talk to one of our sales associates to find out how you can start feeding the best pet nutrition available either as a full feed or a few times a week!

Benefits to feeding raw:

- Digests Quickly - leaving less time in the digestive system to develop digestive diseases & discomfort

- Vitamin rich from naturally occurring vitamins & minerals because nothing has been cooked out at high temperatures like kibble.

- Lowest carbohydrate level among all of the types of feeding options!  Most formulas are 85% to 95% meat & organs. The remainder of ingredients being non-starch vegetables.

- Highly palatable - they will LOVE IT!

- Great for dental health and breath due to the natural enzymes in the meat

- Complete and balanced! Many brands are also formulated by veterinary nutritionists as well as meet AFFCO & WSAVA guidelines.

- Safe to feed:  Many brands offer a test and hold method where they hold the batch for full testing of pathogens before releasing the food for resale.  Many brands also put the product through H.P.P (high pressurization processing) to ensure safety from pathogenic bacteria (Salmonella, Ecoli, listeria)

- Ingredients sourced from USDA inspected facilities.

- Lower stool volume due to very little waste or filler- Yipee!

- Healthier skin and coat

- Great source of moisture in the diet - unlike kibble that can contribute to dehydration

Brands we carry of Raw Dog Food & Raw Cat food:

(we can also special order in other brands at no additional charge)

- Instinct
- Primal
- Stella & Chewy's
- Steve's Real Pet Food
- Answers (limited/call for availability)
- Small Batch
- OC Raw
- Vital essentials (freeze dried)


Gently Cooked Dog & Cat food Brands we carry:

- Small Batch
- A Pup Above
- My Perfect Pet
- Stella & Chewy's