Curbside Pickup ONLY
We are OPEN as an essential business
only Curbside call ahead for a limited time due to the COVID-19 concerns
Here are the steps:
1. Call in your order and give us a credit card number and any coupon codes (we shred all cc numbers) CALL 813-960-6111
2. We will pull and process your order
3. We will put your order and receipt outside and you can pick up (no need to sign receipts for now)
4. If you have any frozen or fresh products on your order please call us back when you are in the parking lot and we will then put your order outside

*please be patient if our phone lines are busy try recalling. We do check messages but recalling may be best for now
*pickup must happen during normal business hours or product will be brought back inside. Please ask for that days hours when ordering
Mon-Sat 10a to 6pm
Sun 11a to 4p