Want a job where you enjoy what you do, and the owners appreciate you and take employee safety seriously? A place where you can get a great employee discount on pet stuff? Then apply with us!

We are a 4,000 sq ft pet specialty pet supply store in north Tampa/Lutz area with a rewarding and fun atmosphere. The staff and customers are always happy here at The Hound's Meow!

The Hound's Meow is looking for a new part-time retail employee.  We are looking for someone to start at 15 hrs with room to grow up to 30hrs per week.  Please only apply if you are looking to stay at this job for at least 2 years. Be prepared that your schedule may include Saturdays and Sundays. Schedule will most likely be 3 days during the week (Mon - Sun) and 5 days once you hit 30hrs and at least one Saturday or Sunday. 

Applicant must be responsible, cheerful, OUTGOING, RELIABLE, trustworthy, computer literate, hard working, great with details, good at learning facts and repeating them, and an animal lover. You MUST be able to lift 40lbs and put up orders that have multiple bags of food. Position includes running register, store cleanup, stocking of shelves, checking in orders, carrying out customer's bags, pet nutrition guidance (which will require that you are willing to learn lots of facts), customer service, and some paper filing. Do not expect to sit around all day at this job! If there is time to lean there is time to clean. High school diploma required.  Please do not call the store because we do not want to tie up the store number. If interested, please respond to the following questions via email to info@houndsmeow.com

1. Please describe your personality in 4 words.
2. Do you own any pets? If yes, tell us about them.
3. Do you have any retail experience? If yes, please explain.
4. Do you own a car? If no, how do you plan on getting to work?
5. Please let us know what hours you are interested in and why that number of hours fits your lifestyle.
6. What hours and days are you available to work?
7. How long would you be interested in keeping this job?
8. If given a lot of notice for special occasions, can you work on days that you normally are not available to work?
9. What area of town do you live in?
Are you able to easily memorize and repeat information to sell products? Give me an example of why you think you would be good at this. 
11. Please list your name and a phone number where you can be contacted.